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First Construction on LHI Property

Often we take things for granted. We say; “things just happen”, or “wasn’t that a coincidence”. But nothing just happens or is coincidental in God’s world … all things are providential. They happen according to His will and timing.

From the outset of our involvement with LHI, Trina and I wanted to quickly build the campus but, God had other plans. When things come to fruition quickly we are prone to think it was a result of our ingenuity, our creativity, our strength our talent or maybe our great planning and strategy. Our pride is exalted and God gets little or no credit.

But LHI didn’t get built right away. In fact, it’s been 15 years since Trina’s first trip and 10 years since mine and 8 years since the official formation of LHI. In that time God has ordained that Trina and I read several books – books that we neither researched nor discovered on our own but, rather books that were given to us by others. One such person even told us that he was at a seminar and the title just spoke to him so, he bought it to give to us. And through the years we have read them all and each one has been a stepping stone, a building block in how to do God’s work, God’s way in first or third world countries. So now, we come to the end of 2015 and looking back we clearly see how God has guided, provided, and selected what, when, who and how things have been and will be accomplished.

Last year, I told you that LHI had received a pledge of $1,000,000 to build the campus and yet we were unable to move the building forward. You see, treasure by itself is unable to accomplish much if it is not coupled with talent and time. We needed the right ingredients in the right proportions to execute God’s plan and once again God’s plans are according to His timing.

This past year, God brought forth Jamie and Kathy Flowers. A husband and wife team upon whose heart God had placed the love of the Zambian people and the passion to make disciples of all nations. A couple who were willing to accept the daunting challenge of raising 100% of their support so that they could come alongside the LHI family. Jamie has accepted the role of Director of Ministry Operations, which encompasses everything and anything I need help with; while Kathy is shouldering the task of maintaining sponsorship of all the LHI children and housemothers. By the way, Jamie and Kathy are still in need of additional sponsors. You can contact them at or

In mid-summer, LHI added Tom Crabill to the LHI Board as Director with responsibility for Construction. As some of you may know, Tom owns his own commercial construction company. Then in late summer, OakPointe orchestrated a weekend event entitled, Engage. The purpose of Engage was to expose the OPC congregation to various opportunities offered through OPC to engage and serve others. As a result of that event, Larry Trumbore came forward. Larry is a quasi-retired exec with multiple talents and global experience willing to devote the time required to see the building through to completion. We are so blessed to have Larry join the LHI team working alongside Tom and Steve Schneemann, LHI’s architectural Lead.

Concluding comments related to construction, in October Larry joined Kim Cooke and myself on his first trip to Zambia. While there, God brought forth two additional Zambia based companies to partner with LHI, Diligence and Dolomite, block making and redi-mix cement companies, respectively. These two companies are willing to utilize the cement from Lafarge and the aggregate from Ndola Line, two other partners donating their commodities to LHI. With Larry and these two additional companies the stage is set to expedite the construction of the LHI campus in a two-year timeframe. Praise be to God!