January, 2017

Dear Sponsors and Donors,

LHI is now 9 years old. Thank you founders. You have a place in our hearts forever. A lot has occurred in those 9 years.

  • From 13 children to 33.
  • From 3 housemothers to 7.
  • From 1 rental house with 3 bedrooms to 2 rental properties with 9 bedrooms.
  • From public to private school.
  • From no children in college to 6 children in college.
  • From rental properties to our own land.

Regarding our land, let me list the accomplishments.

  • 2009 – Acquired the land
  • 2010 – Constructed a 1 mile 2 lane road and dug 2 water wells
  • 2011 – Moved the existing electricity and installed a 200 kVa transformer
  • 2012 – Began construction on the first building and planted the first coffee crop
  • 2013 – Constructed a 175,000 gallon reservoir with submersible pump to water the coffee
  • 2014 – Installed an in ground drip irrigation system to water the coffee plants and dug a third well
  • 2015 – Purchased and installed a diesel generator to provide electricity during blackout periods
  • 2016 – Exported 2 tons of coffee to the USA and began selling coffee
  • 2016 – Construction continues – completed 9 buildings and installed a 500kVa transformer

We look back with gratitude for your partnership in this work of Christ in Zambia and we look forward with great hope of what God will accomplish.

God bless you,


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As LHI develops, new needs and opportunities arise and in 2016, LHI conducted 2 mission trips. The June trip focused on construction of an Insaka (an outdoor gathering place), mentoring the housemothers and establishing a Mens/Boys mentoring program with men from our local church.


Men's Mentors

The August trip was a Performing Arts Camp which concluded with 2 performances of the musical, Godspell. The first performance was on our land and approximately 400 local residents came out to enjoy the show. Their only complaint was “It wasn’t long emough.” The second performance was at our local church to a packed congregation of 500.

PAC 2016 -1

PAC 2016 -2

In December, Kim Cooke and Lee Davis had a trip planned to visit all of the LHI Zambia Corporate partners to keep alive the relationships and the in-kind donations. The morning of their departure they received a message from Davies Chipoya, our Director of Operations in Zambia that his 7 year old son, Chayana, had just died. We had known for a few months that Chayana had a genetic disorder that was inoperable and life threatening but no one expected the end to come so fast. Needless to say, our plans were altered. As Proverbs 16:9 reminds us, “In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.” Kim and Lee went and grieved with the family and offered support to Davies and Josephine.


A big thanks to Mr. Larry Trumbore who led the construction efforts hiring 2 local contractors and leading a 25 man LHI team. Larry spent a considerable time away from his family. Their accomplishments can be seen in the following photographs. 2017 will see some changes in the construction area. Larry will continue to oversee the project but, effective January 15th Mr. James Schuurman will be our Site Construction Manager reporting to Larry. James and his family have lived in Zambia for the last 4 years. 3 of those years he led the construction project for Seeds of Hope, a Canadian sister orphanage 5 miles from us.

Construction 1

Construction 2

Construction 3

Construction 4

Construction 5

Construction 6

In 2016, LHI launched an e-commerce store to begin selling its coffee online.  The Hope Club continues to grow and as more and more people taste the coffee of LHI, we see our customer-base grow.  As we learn more about producing specialty coffee, our customers will enjoy the increasing quality of our coffee.  LHI is committed to producing a specialty coffee from Zambia that supports an incredible ministry.  Support LHI by joining the Hope Club and send a friend a Hope Box to introduce them to our coffee and our ministry.


Financially 2016 was an excellent year. Below is the income and expense report.  Please allow me to bring to your attention that in order to maintain the construction program major additional funding is required. If what you have read so far touches your heart, please consider making a contribution to the building fund or contact Lee Davis to discuss. Another fund that deserves mentioning is the Education Endowment Fund. In 2017 we will have 6 young men and women in college. Praise God!!

LHI YTD 2016 Report

Starting Balance 1/1/16: $181,956.84


Sponsorships $66,232.00
General Donations $25,228.25
Golf Outing $38,075.00
Run $19,553.30
Land/Building Development $758,041.75
OPC Players Fundraising Event $0.00
Vehicle Fund $2,600.00
Education Fund $725.00
Mission Trip Donations $107,512.84
Coffee $21,067.44
Interest and Investment Income $2,928.73
TOTAL INCOME: $1,041,964.31


Program Expenses in Zambia $150,000.00
Schooling $7,750.00
Mission Trip and Travel $101,145.55
Website and Technical Support $219.84
Land/Building Development $724,921.05
Administrative $1,972.15
Bank and Pay Pal Fees $4,089.68
Vehicle Maintenance $0.00
Housing Mantenance $3,250.00
Golf Outing $8,530.00
LHI Run $756.67
Coffee $26,397.47
TOTAL EXPENSES: $1,029,032.41
Total Assets 1/1/17   $194,888.74

Ndola – Mission Trips

June 16 – July 2

Men & Boys and Housemothers Mentoring

August 3 – August 19

Children’s Arts Camp (music, dance, visual)

Other Events

July 29

Golf Outing

October 15

LHI Run for Hope – Detroit/Windsor International Marathon