Kathy & Jamie Flowers
Kathy & Jamie Flowers

Following Christ is rarely predictable. Following Christ is always an adventure.

Our adventure is turning in a new direction as we follow Christ on a path He has revealed this past year. A path that runs between our home in South Lyon, MI and the home of 31 children in Ndola, Zambia. We first ventured to Zambia in 2009 with our home church as Jamie led a team of 19 adults on a mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide medical care in three villages surrounding Ndola. The team also ministered to a group of orphaned children and their caregivers.

Kathy & Megan ventured to Zambia in 2013 & 2014 to minister to these children and the house mothers who care for them. Jamie returned to Zambia in 2015 with Kathy & Megan and in June of 2016, Jamie and Kathy led a trip focusing on the housemothers, construction as well as developing a Men’s mentoring program.

Flowers in the Coffee
Flowers in the Coffee

With each year, God has impressed upon our family a desire to be more involved in this ministry. With much prayer and many conversations with people we respect and trust, we have concluded that God is indeed moving us to join the ministry of Living Hope International. No, we are not moving to Zambia. Jamie will be taking the position of Director of Ministry Operations, Secretary/Treasurer.

Living Hope International is a big, little organization. Big in mission, impact and vision, little in number. We will be the first full-time salaried staff in the U.S. LHI is growing because God is blessing this great work of caring for impoverished, at-risk children in Zambia. As LHI has grown, it has need for more help: administrative help, communication help and leadership help. We are that help. As a non-profit ministry, LHI does not have funding to “hire” Jamie. As a result, we are challenging you and others to support LHI so they can provide a salary and benefits for our family.

We are looking for people who hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and are willing to become partners in this adventure by praying and giving financial support. Your financial gift will help cover salary, benefits and ministry expenses including travel to Zambia. More than supporting us, you are supporting the work of God through LHI.

We are asking you to consider joining our team by giving financially so we can work full time with LHI. You can give monthly or annually, most importantly, we are asking you to give as God guides you. Whatever you decide, we ask that you decide with God’s direction.

JamFamily (546)ie and Kathy met at Oak Pointe Church and have been married since June 2001. Through the heartache and trial of a broken marriage and cancer God has forged a profound love for Jesus in Kathy and we are blessed with Megan. Megan is 17, Cole is 14, Kaleigh is 12, Emily is 10 and Joseph is 6.

Kathy was an elementary school teacher before staying home.  She now teaches high school, middle school, elementary and pre-school to our children. Jamie is the principal of Flowers Academy, a title that bears minimal responsibility which is good because he already has two jobs.

Jamie left his role as Pastor of Outreach and Connections at Cornerstone Christian Church in Dearborn to serve with LHI. He is also the Pastoral Ministries Coordinator at Fox Run Village, a position he began after 12 years as a hospice chaplain.

We know the blessings and joys of a wonderful family. We also know the struggles and work necessary to produce a loving, caring Christ-centered home. It breaks our heart that so many people do not know this joy, including the millions of children in Zambia who have been orphaned because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and live in poverty.


Since college, Jamie has been involved in missions: Russia, Mongolia, Turkey, Alaska and Zambia. Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations has fostered a desire in Jamie to spread the good news of eternal life to people in all nations. It has also led Jamie to serve God vocationally as a chaplain and pastor.

Travelling to Zambia in 2009 was Kathy’s first mission trip, but she immediately experienced the joy of sharing the love of Christ with the children at the LHI home.

We pray all our children will continue to grow in their love for Christ and will know the joy of serving Him wZambiaith their lives. This desire to see our children submit their lives to Christ motivates us to take steps of faith like serving with LHI.

Our mission is both bigger and simpler than serving with LHI. Our mission is serving Christ. Our
mission is making disciples in our home and amongst our neighbors whether they be across the street or around the world. We are committed to doing whatever Christ leads us to do.

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We are very thankful for PayPal and its ease of use, but PayPal does retain a small fee for its services. If you would prefer to send LHI checks directly, please make them out to Living Hope International and mail them to the following address:

Living Hope International
50200 West Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI 48374

To designate your check to support the Flowers’ ministry, write Flowers in the memo.

Living Hope International is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Federal Tax ID #61-1516195. As such, donations to our organization may be tax deductible and are made with the understanding that LHI has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Please consult with your tax advisor to find out how these donations can benefit your tax planning.

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LHI Beginning

Oak Pointe Church (OPC) of Novi, MI partnered with Campus Crusade for Christ-Zambia in 2003 to begin operation of a small orphanage located in Ndola, Zambia. The Living Hope International Board (LHI) was formed in August 2006 as a 501(C)(3) by several members of OPC to take control and grow the orphanage. LHI officially took responsibility from OPC in January 2008. LHI is registered with the Zambian Social Welfare Department.

LHI Vision

The vision of LHI is to build Christian communities for orphans in poverty stricken countries, developing future Christian leaders for the glory of God.

LHI Mission

Our mission is to share the living hope of Jesus Christ by creating communities that provide love, shelter and education for orphaned children who will pass on the hope they have received in their youth to the next generation.

LHI Current Status

LHI has begun construction on nearly 50 acres of land 10 miles south of Ndola.  Approximately 35 acres will be used for agriculture to provide financial sustainability for the community.